My disk is full.

We were driving down the road, listening to Jack Radio. It’s one of those stations that plays songs that span my whole life. And it seems I know the words to almost every song.

Isn’t it weird? If someone said to you, “do you know the words to Jim Stafford’s Spiders and Snakes?” you might say, sure I know the chorus. But if the song started playing, you could sing along like it was 1974. Well, I can, at least. And I did.

That was last night. And trust me, the boys do not appreciate my vocal artistry. Admittedly, no one could. It is just not something I can do. Sing, that is. I can’t sing. I wish I could. Really. But I suck.

I’m so bad, in fact, that my 9th grade music teacher asked me to please just lipsynch. Sad, but true.

Anyway, this morning, my uncanny ability to remember song lyrics on my mind, an obscure Elton John song came on. Of course, as you’d predict, I knew the words. No one was in the car with me; I’d just dropped one of the boys somewhere and was heading back to the fort. So I sang out loud. Very loudly. Very, very loudly.

It felt great.

And it brought back memories of one of my best friends in Junior High. She was a major Elton John fan. She had every album. I only had a few, but listened to hers all the time. We used to sit in her Pepto Bismol colored room and sing and dance for hours on end.

And we’d draw pictures of Elton. And we’d talk about him. And we’d sing and dance some more.

And then.

Her uncle (who was probably only 21 or 22) offered to take us to see Elton John at the Capital Center. A concert! A huge concert.

Please Mom? Can I go?

Believe it or not, she said yes. That must have been because she figured the uncle was a mature, responsible adult.

Well, sort of. But not so much.

We went in a van. Not like the mini-vans all around now. Like a van with cushions and carpet and lounge space. The uncle had some friends along, too. So here we were, two 13 year old girls with these hippie-types.

It was wacky.

The concert was amazing. There were so many people and they, like us, knew all the songs.

Which brings me back to the original point of this post.

I know thousands of songs. Hundreds of phone numbers. Facts and figures and trivia and movies and… well, you get the picture.

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time retrieving some of the stuff on the hard drive. Could it just be too full?

I wish I could just delete some of the files. I mean, seriously, do I need to know the words to I Think I Love You or Bubble Gum and Braces, Seattle, or He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother? I guess I want to remember some of the better music. But don’t you think I could retrieve data faster if there was more room available? It just makes sense, right?


3 thoughts on “My disk is full.

  1. Nice new look!
    My husband knows the lyrics to so many songs, it is almost a joke in the family. Every time a song comes on the radio that the kids don’t know, they say, “We’ll ask Abba he knows every song.”

  2. Wendy, what a great post…I could visualize you and your friend in that bubblegum room…it is amazing the capacity our brains have to remember songs (especially when I can’t remember what I did yesterday).

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