Ever notice?

photo of actual sandwich from Harold’s.

Did you ever notice how much hungrier you are when you’re trying to eat healthier? It’s driving me crazy.

Why, just today, I had a pear for a snack when I wanted a donut stick.

Can you imagine?

The 2 trainers at my new gym are having a contest – The Biggest Loser. In this case, all the people are in good shape. Most have only a handful of pounds to lose. But we all could have better habits.

The way it works is a cumulated number of pounds lost. Each team has approximately 20 people. We all have code names.

I love that spy & intrigue stuff.

But anyway, the only way I can keep from eating a handful of chocolate chips or the last 2 cookies that Nancy made (OMG, her cookies are the best!) is to remember that there are 19 celery and carrot-eating people who are counting on me.


5 thoughts on “Ever notice?

  1. I wish I could go to The Biggest Loser diet/workout camp for a couple of weeks… Having 19 people depending on you is GREAT motivation!! Good luck with your healthy eating.

  2. wow, good luck Wendy…I’ll be rooting for you, while I sit on the couch eating ice cream. You are a far better person than I!

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