Three years already?

My blog is 3 years old today. I’ve published 856 posts. Being a bit of an infogeek, I thought I’d dig in and see what’s what…

# times I’ve written the word:

Kids 653
Andrew 604
Love 602
Friend 594
Mom 313
Boys 196
Believe 135
Book 99
Reed 94
Food 89
Max 80
Perfect 79
Phone 79
Digress 69

Davis 67
Dad 54
Music 53
Work 41
Sleep 41
Restaurant 39
Vacation 27
Flowers 12
Balance 7

From this, I could infer some some interesting things. But I won’t. Because even I know that statistics can lie. So to say that I care about the kids more than Andrew would be outrageous. Or that I liked Reed more than Davis – absurd.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see that family, love and friends top my list. Now that seems like a good research study to me.


5 thoughts on “Three years already?

    It can be hard to be consistant sometimes, so that is no small feat. You write one of my favorite blogs.

  2. Happy blogversary! I have tagged you in tomorrow’s post. I won’t have time to let you know tomorrow which is why you are getting an advance warning.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I completely agree with Steakbellie — you are also one of MY favorite bloggers, and you’re the very first one I found by accident through the “Next Blog” button! 😉


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