Today is the first day of the rest of my basketball life.

I’ve been going to the boys’ basketball games for, I don’t know, maybe four years now? And I’m married to a guy who watches NCAA basketball religiously. (especially Duke, but please don’t hold that against me!)

So it seems fitting that at some point, it’ll sink in. (No pun intended.)

Today, I went to 2 games. And for the first time, I understood every call. I could even tell you the calls the ref missed.

It was a turning point in my basketball life.

I liken it to the phases of grief:

  1. Shock is the first stage. I can’t believe I have to go sit through all those damn games.
  2. Denial follows. I am not going. You go without me.
  3. Bargaining. Fine, I’ll go if you go the grocery store for me. And to Target. Okay?
  4. Guilt. They wanted me there. I wasn’t there. Oh, I feel awful.
  5. Anger. I resent that I have to spend my weekends (not to mention every March) watching baskeball. It’s not fair.
  6. Depression. I guess I have to go. And I have to sit there and pretend I care about Duke. But I don’t have to like it.
  7. Acceptance and hope! I understand this game. And maybe I’ll even like it one day!

8 thoughts on “Today is the first day of the rest of my basketball life.

  1. Can you teach it to me? Aries is on the team at school, and I can’t even tell when they are playing offense or defense. I just hope that someday I be as good as a basketball watcher as you.

  2. Zandria – yes, it’s like the switch was turned on!

    Maven – you do? I’m starting to, too!

    DJ – thanks!

    Melissa – sure, I’m happy to share!

  3. after being a cheerleader for so many years (high school and college) the rules sort of just sink in. As for other sports, besides the basic offense and defense, I’m lost!

  4. I’d LOVE to go to so many games! I’m another basketball lover…and I get to see so little since I moved to the UK.


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