What were we thinking?

A friend of mine is pregnant. Today, I saw the 3-D sonogram. It was really cool, albeit a little creepy. Sorry, but it’s true.

A thousand thoughts ran through my head. As usual.

I remember so clearly being pregnant with my first. What a crazy time. It was so exciting and so scary – all at once. And though I thought I knew what was coming, I had absolutely, positively no idea.

I had friends with children. I had nieces and a nephew. But somehow, I didn’t really believe that those parents knew how *I* felt. Crazy.

And when Davis was born, I still had no understanding of what raising children was all about. I stumbled through and figured stuff out. Not that I listened to anyone, but somehow it worked out.

And then Reed was born. Now, I was in a pickle. This was tough. By this point, I had friends and a playgroup and support. I even had preschool coming soon. Davis was two years old. And I had an infant.

And then Max was born. Whatever I thought was hard before, ha! Davis was 3-1/2, Reed 1-1/2 and I had an infant.

But look at that picture. Aren’t they the cutest?

That was the first day that Max and I came home from the hospital. My parents couldn’t come out to Nebraska for the bris because my dad was sick. My sister-in-law came in their place – with the hugest salmon, brisket and who knows what else.

She cooked and froze and prepared and….oh, my. Between her and my wonderful friends, the bris was a great occasion – even though it was Thanksgiving day.

Does this post have a point? No, not really. I’m just reminiscing. Thinking about what I thought it would be like now. Not like this. It’s harder and better and different than I imagined.

And I guess that’s what I’d tell someone who’s preparing for her first baby. What you think it will be, it’s not. So stop thinking. And enjoy every minute of it.

It goes so fast.


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