Winter is almost over.

Today is Groundhog Day. Six more weeks of winter. I should be thrilled – it’ll be warm soon. Right? But do you realize we’ve only had ten weeks so far? So it’s really barely half over.

Got me thinking about when it will really be warm:

Average Monthly Temperatures in Washington, DC

Average high temperature: 43
Average low temperature: 24
Rainfall: 3.57

Average high temperature: 47
Average low temperature: 26
Rainfall: 2.84

Average high temperature: 55
Average low temperature: 33
Rainfall: 3.92

Average high temperature: 66
Average low temperature: 42
Rainfall: 3.26

Average high temperature: 76
Average low temperature: 52
Rainfall: 4.29
Average high temperature: 84
Average low temperature: 62
Rainfall: 3.63

Average high temperature: 89
Average low temperature: 67
Rainfall: 4.21

Average high temperature: 87
Average low temperature: 65
Rainfall: 3.9

Average high temperature: 80
Average low temperature: 57
Rainfall: 4.08

Average high temperature: 69
Average low temperature: 44
Rainfall: 3.43

Average high temperature: 58
Average low temperature: 36
Rainfall: 3.32

Average high temperature: 48
Average low temperature: 28
Rainfall: 3.25

I know this is random. Just a peak into my thoughts for 11:10 AM today.

Off to have lunch with my mom!


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