Casting on.

Driving to D.C. the other day, I decided to start a new knitting project. But, alas, I had no recollection of how to cast on. I kept trying and failing. It was just not right. (This has happened to me before. Often. I don’t know why I find this so darn difficult.)

Anyway, I called my mother. She told me how to hold the yarn and what to do. It worked! Yay!

Then I asked Andrew to look at my hand and remember it so that next time I forget, he can tell me how. But he had a better idea. Take a picture.

And I did. Now, it’s on my phone for every road trip…


4 thoughts on “Casting on.

  1. So you’re a knitter too? What sorts of stuff do you knit? Have you posted photos on your blog about this before? If so, I don’t remember.

  2. Hey I’m having my knitting ladies over tonight, actually- 7:30, you can drive 6 or 7 hours by then, right? 😉

  3. Mary, I’m a total beginner. I’ve made 4 hats so far!

    Miz Liz – I am NOT ready to tackle a sweater. Let me know how yours goes 🙂

    EK – I wish I could! That sounds fun. Maybe next time!

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