The big easy.

Andrew and I haven’t been to New Orleans since 1997. I was pregnant with Reed and we thought it’d be a groovy idea to get away before we had 2 kids. (I’m sure someone watched Davis. We never would have left an 18 month old home alone.)

Our friend’s father, Perry, was an old friend of Emeril’s. He got us an amazing table for dinner. And, to top it off, Perry had a nice bottle of wine sent to our table. Classy guy, that Perry. We had the tasting menu, and I must say, it was the first meal of its kind I have ever had. It might have even been the turning point for me – when I agreed that a really fine meal is entertainment. (Of course, Andrew had felt this way for some time.)

We had other great meals and went to some fine clubs (and not so fine clubs) and had a heckofa good time. We stayed in a fancy schmancy hotel with really nice sheets. (See, I am consistent!)

We walked around at night and laughed and talked.

It was magical.

So when we were invited to speak at a conference that just happens to be in…wait for it… New Orleans, I said yes rather quickly.

Today, I booked the travel. I have to finish my presentation and a lot of other things to prepare.

But I can tell you that we already have dinner reservations and that I have been assured that the sheets at the hotel are really first class.

Fast forward 12 hours…. I dreamed about this post. Crazy, huh? As the reader, I thought, wow, no mention of all the city has been through? Just thinking of food and tourism? Shallow, shallow, shallow. So I have 2 responses to myself. 1) Yes, of course we want to see the city, the rebuilding, the destruction first-hand and to better understand what is happening there. And, yes, we supported funds and friends when Katrina struck. So we’re really not heartless and 2) The city is dying for people to come and spend money. For the tourism to come back. So we’re happy to help. There you have it. My response to myself. Though now I’m wondering if I need professional help. I mean seriously, writing blog posts in my sleep. Scary stuff.


One thought on “The big easy.

  1. that sounds like it will be a great trip. will you be leaving the boys home again this time? as for your postscript…i haven’t had enough coffee to comment on any of that!

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