Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Yesterday, I did something I’ve never done before. I am ashamed to admit it. But as penance, I am telling all. Then, maybe all will be forgiven.

It was a cold and windy day. Very cold. And very windy. Very.

We were plum out of cat food. (I always wanted to say plum like that.) So anyway, we were out of cat food. As a family with three cats, that’s a problem. I was envisioning a mutiny – a meowing one or worse. I can’t even think about it.

So I went to Petsmart. After making my way through the dog training class that was blocking the cat aisles (odd, huh?), I found the food and picked up some nice treats and some extra litter. We buy really special litter that you can only get there. It’s called Cat Attract and it’s supposed to help ‘remind’ the cats to use the box. It seems to help – well, it helped Bertha and we’ve never switched back for fear that it would make a difference.

I schlepped the litter and 20 pound bag of food to the car. (side note: Spell check in wordpress recognizes schlepped! But it does not recognize wordpress. How weird is that?)

Then, my eyes wandered to the new tenant of the old Best Buy. Filene’s Basement. I had 30 minutes and a huge desire for a sweater. Did I mention it was cold!?

So I got a basket and started wandering the aisled. I’ve never been to one of these before. They had some nice things and a ton on sale. I filled my cart with cashmere sweaters and designer jeans. Wandering toward the back, I found shoes. Oh, no. Timecheck. I’ll never make it. Oh, it’ll be okay. Really.

So I tried on a pair of Steve Madden casual flats. So darn cute. In the basket they go.

Now, to the dressing room. There’s a limit of 10.

So I took 10 items in and quickly reduced it to 3. Went back to the cart and got the 9 that were waiting for me. Just 1. So I left the dressing room area with 4 tops (2 sweaters and 2 t-shirt type shirts though one was smock-y kind of) and the shoes and headed for the front of the store. I’d better get a move on.

And then I saw the pink sweater. So cute. Long and cabled with cap sleeves and an empire cute. It was shown over a long-sleeve t-shirt and it was a bargain! I’ll take it. Oh my, that’s a lot in the cart.

Okay, start adding. Well, the sweaters were dirt cheap since winter is almost over (though it sure didn’t feel like it) and the t-shirts weren’t bad either. I still had the birthday money for clothes, so I’ll do it! Everything is returnable if I change my mind.

But the shoes. $50. Can’t make the commitment.

But look at the time! I had to go.

So, that’s when the lapse in judgment happened.

I put the box of shoes on a table in the sweater department. There was no way I could go all the way back to the shoe department and still have time to check out and make it home for dinner.

In all my life, I’ve never put something back all willy-nilly like that. Just think of the salespeople. They’d have to do it. Because I was lazy or late or whatever.

I feel just awful.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll go volunteer to help them straighten the racks.


2 thoughts on “Forgive me, for I have sinned.

  1. I felt guilty one time when I left the shopping cart in the Shoprite parking lot, even though somebody would get to keep the quarter. (I agree that blocking the cat aisle with a dog training class is strange. The thought of it made me laugh.)

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