13 words that begin with the letter V

1) Vacation — I sure could use a long vacation.

2) Vendor — Who likes to be treated like a vendor?

3) Verbose — The director of hotel sales was extremely verbose.

4) Vermin — Who doesn’t just love the word vermin?

5) Vying — I am vying for the role of lady of leisure.

6) Vultures — The women swooped down on the sale rack like vultures.

7) Vortex — We climbed to the vortex in Sedona. Seriously.

8. Volva – A volva is a membranous cup about the base of the stipe in many gill fungi. Bet you thought I meant something else.

9) Volition — I can get there on my own volition. Probably.

10) Volatile — Don’t we all have at least one volatile person in our lives?

11) Vodka — Vodka is one of the better things in life.

12) Vote — Vote well and often.

13) Valentine — Will you be my valentine?


One thought on “

  1. what about “virgin”? (it’s not a dirty word!), or “voila”, not to be confused with “viola”, or may fave… “vivacious”, which I hope people use to describe me when I kick the bucket!

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