This one time; at band camp….


My hub was a band geek. I mean that in the nicest possible way. In fact, I admit that many of my friends played in the band – some even marched in the Colt’s Marching Band. Andrew played the trombone. And he did go to band camp, and no, I am not planning to now start telling band camp stories… They’re not my stories to tell!

All my guys tried playing violin in third grade. One continued after that, but the other two couldn’t wait to leave the orchestra for the band. Reed took up trumpet and is in his second year. Max is in his first year of alto-sax. They both really love playing.

I think it’s a genetic thing.

What I love the most (and don’t tell the boys, please) is when they take a break from real practicing and break into the theme from Jaws or Mission Impossible or better yet, Smoke on the Water. I love that!

Do they practice enough? I don’t know. Probably not. And I hate nagging them. The band teacher thinks they’re both doing well, so I’m sure I have better things to stress about.

The other day, I got an email from another mom. She said that my son and her son wanted to compete together in the County Solo & Ensemble Festival.


Wow that is so cool! He never said anything to me, but I checked and sure enough, he does! She signed them up.

The Solo & Ensemble Festival is a chance for students to prepare and perform solos and chamber music in front of a judge for comments and awards. Solos are pieces performed by students with piano accompaniment. Ensembles are pieces performed by two or more students usually playing similar instruments (such as brass, or clarinet ensemble). There is a County Festival and a State Festival. You must receive an “I” (Superior) rating on grade II or higher literature at the County Festival to be allowed to continue onto the State Level.

Do I wish it wasn’t the same day as the Passover Seder? Yes, I do.

But nothing can overshadow my excitement that my son who can barely sleep the night before he has to present a report in front of the class wants to do this.


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