Who has Style? Sports?


We get 3 newspapers delivered most days. The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and the Examiner.

Every morning, there is a scramble to see who gets the ‘good’ sections first. The kids all compete for Style and Sports in the Post. On Wednesdays, there is a fight over the Food section.  Only one of the boys reads cover-to-cover.  (And that’s okay; it’s kind of scary anyway, don’t you think?)

Andrew likes to take the Journal to the gym, but not until I’ve checked it out. Even if he leaves early, he leaves me the Marketplace and Personal Journal sections. Thanks, hon.

Sure, we can read all the news we want online. And we do! But there is still something about a real print newspaper.

Do you still read the paper?


8 thoughts on “Who has Style? Sports?

  1. I agree! There is nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading a real newspaper. I read the NY Times online during the week, but love to read the hard copy on the weekends. I can’t stand the Examiner though. I don’t like the writing, I don’t like newsprint, and it took me three months and countless calls to get them to stop delivering it! OY! And reading the food section is great, it’s when they turn 15 or 16 and start reading the cars for sale section that you have to worry!!!

  2. Three newspapers a day? Wowza! The only non-online newspaper I read right now is the free Express paper that I get before I board the metro Mon-Fri. But I read the Richmond Times-Dispatch when I happen to be at my mom’s on Sunday!

  3. I read the NY Times every day except Sat (my one day off from news). I get the hard copy of the paper (I prefer it really) and then check it throughout the day online, though I really like Google news for the headlines. I find reading online can be tiresome, which is why I love the hard copy of the paper.

  4. We live in a suburb of Kansas City so I usually buy the weekly paper from our city, it has all the local school news & store specials. I get the KC Star delivered on Sunday; I love to read the Sunday paper with my morning coffee. But for daily news I agree with Liz and just go online and look at google news or the KC Star online.

  5. One of my great pleasures since I retired is reading the newspaper at my leisure. Even when I have an early morning date I plan on getting up early enough so I don’t miss that morning time with the paper.

    I find it more relaxing then getting the news online. I’ll keep buying the paper as long as they keep printing!

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