I am so out of here!

On my way to the Big Easy. Just me and my guy.

What will I do with the kids, you ask? My parents (brave souls) are coming to stay with them until we get back. I sure hope we don’t (wink, wink) decide to stay over a few extra days after our work is finished.


8 thoughts on “I am so out of here!

  1. Thanks Mom, the boys are excited too!

    Jodie – thanks – I’ll check it out!

    Steakbellie – We’re lucky to have this chance for work and some extra time to play! I hope you get some R&R soon, too.

  2. Galatoire’s there in “Nu-wrlenz” is my favorite restaurant in the world. They used to be strictly no-reservations…I don’t know about now.

    Have a wonderful time in one of my favorite cities, and DO try to hear some live music while there.


  3. Wendy, I love Peter, Paul and Mary. Thanks for sharing that video, I listened to the whole thing. I used to sing that to my kids at bedtime. I haven’t been able to sing it to Esther for a long time because she bawls. Anyway, have a wonderful time!

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