I’m home. Yup. Home. For a whopping 36 hours. Just enough time to hug the kids, do the laundry, play mini-golf, read my email, have dinner out, watch a movie, do more laundry, blog, read the mail (yikes!), and pack.

I thought I’d share a few highlights of New Orleans before I jump right back on that (hopefully maintained) Southwest plane for The Windy City for another whirlwind (no pun intended) trip.


Of course we went to Cafe du Monde for cafe au lait and beingets.


I would have taken the before picture, but there was no time. I just could not control myself. These things are just beyond good. Frankly, had we not been in public, I might have eaten the powdered sugar with my coffee spoon. Or just licked it. OMG.


I don’t even know if this was Harrah’s or some club. But it sure is a NOLA theme….


This was outside Harrah’s. I love palm trees. Lucky for us, the weather was amazing and we had some free time to enjoy it!

Corn muffin at Jacques Imo’s before

At Jacques Imo’s, they served these muffins before we even ordered. The picture does not do it justice. It was amazing. Not low fat, trust me.

And a split second later, it was gone. This meal was terrific. I had barbecued shrimp that they are famous for. The meal was great. Andrew could tell you more. I’m no food blogger. But I sure like to eat.

Corn muffin at Jacques Imo’s after

These oysters were deep fried and sauced and whoknowswhat else. Mighty fine.


Walking past the House of Blues. We walked a ton. I’m so glad I brought comfortable shoes!



These folks were off the band’s bus. We don’t know who they were, but they ended up in the photo.

Everywhere you look, masks, masks, masks.


I liked this display.

We had another great meal at Herbsaint and I highly (I mean highly) recommend it if you’re heading down that way. Our last night, we had crawfish at Big Al’s Seafood Restaurant – a bit out of the way at 1377 Annunciation. I was surprised how hard it was to find crawfish downtown. Fun meal. Messy, but fun.

Oh and we had oysters, grilled and raw at Felix’s.

With all this walking and eating, you might be surprised that we had time to do anything else.

Like work.

But we did. We spoke to an enthusiastic audience about market research and attended a day’s worth of events at the Smart Marketing conference.

Off to pack. Back soon!


5 thoughts on “Pitstop.

  1. Ohhhh…forgot about Felix’s. I had my first oyster Po’ Boy there back in the 80s. YUM.

    And that powdered sugar from Cafe du Monde. Reminds me of the time I was eating there, sneezed, and ended up with powdered sugar ALL over a black velvet dress…YIKES.

    Glad you ate so well.


  2. <> That made me laugh. I booked a trip for May and after hearing about Southwest’s crappy planes I jokingly asked my cousin if I could cancel my trip. He replied, “You can’t cancel, but they will give you a roll of duct tape, to repair any cracks you find near your seat.”

  3. Oops, I was trying to quote you about Southwest but I used those little arrow things that the site read as html code. Sorry!

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