shoes. shoes. shoes.

It sure says something about a place when people from all over – and I mean all over – go out of your way to find you. Seriously. If you were in any business, wouldn’t you want to be the one that people go out of their way to visit? Lori’s. Now that’s a shoe store. People come to Chicago and find THE shoe store. It’s some store. Really. Great.

I went there several years ago on a trip and had to make my way back there. And mind you, it’s in Lincoln Park, not downtown. So it takes effort. Effort that is well worth it, if you ask me.

This trip, they had the wallet I have been coveting since I bought it for my friend. And then couldn’t find it for myself. Yikes. But she saw it at Lori’s and bought it for me. Nice, huh?

I love that wallet.

So I’m back from the Windy City.

And windy it was. And cold. And rainy. And snowy and sleety. (Is sleety a word?)

And it was perfect.

Tomorrow, if I’m caught up from being away (yeah, right) I will write about the “Funniest Gas Station Incident in 2008 So Far” but until then? I want to hang with Andrew and the boys.

So more soon!


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