What I learned at the ESPN Zone.







I suck.

I suck at video games.

I suck at driving games; car, motorcycle, luge.

I suck at fight games and shooting games (both basketball and skeet).

And then, going with 3 boys and a husband just makes it even more impossible to look good.

I must say, I rock at Air Hockey. But who gives a crap about Air Hockey?


7 thoughts on “What I learned at the ESPN Zone.

  1. Wendy, I think I like air hockey. I stink at everything else, too. Perhaps some day we can do a wine/air hockey thing. And you will feel really good because, while I like air hockey, I suck at that, also.
    You just don’t hang with the right people!


  2. I love skee ball. Used to play with my brother on the Boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. There was a place where we could get tickets for points, and then buy awful stuff (which was anything but awful at that age.) My grandmother would keep stacks of all the cousins’ tickets.

    Like you Wendy, I suck at video games. I attribute that simply to lack of interest.

  3. Paula – when you come this way, you’re on!

    Cruisin & M.Liz – I love skee ball too! And I forgot – I do really like (and am pretty darn good at) pinball. I used to bet guys in college bars…and win 🙂 I still play when I see a good machine!

  4. Air hockey rocks! I don’t care about any of the other games in places like that – I just want to play air hockey and WIN!

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