Hello – have we met?

So isn’t there always that person that never remembers you? Okay, maybe you’re more memorable than I am. You probably are.

But for me? This happens.

Especially this one person.

I’ve met her, say, 25 times? I’m really not exaggerating. Andrew and I met her out of town – she is related to someone we knew when we lived somewhere else. And then? We re-met her here. And she is a family friend of our friends, so we’ve seen her at lots of social occasions.

So when I saw her this weekend and she looked at me with that blank look, I had to laugh to myself.

What gives?


3 thoughts on “Hello – have we met?

  1. It’s possible this woman could be a total ditz! But there’s also this woman I work with, a high-up VP, who has some kind of condition where she can’t remember faces (it actually has a medical term tied to it, but of course I can’t remember it right now). So you just never know. 🙂

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