What is the statute of limitations?

I couldn’t think of anything to blog about.

I know. It’s lame.

But I really wanted to write. So I opened the box. The box marked ‘wedding and misc.’ that lives in my closet. I thought I’d find something funny to egg me on.

But what I found was this:


Wonder when that was from? It was from when Andrew and I got engaged. In 1993. June.

The card it was in is really cute; talks about the top 10 reasons to get engaged. It’s from a college friend who I like so much but never see or talk to. I regret that I don’t. I miss her. She has a great husband and 2 kids. And I barely know her anymore. It makes me sad.

But I digress.

So this nice friend gave me this cute card with the gift certificate.


That might not seem too weird to you, but it’s really weird to me. I don’t forget things.

So I found this today. Oh man would I love a deep tissue massage.

So I went online (which would have been much harder in 1993, right?) and found this Helen Hickman.

Turns out, she’s rocking good. Reviews that are unbelievable.

But there are two problems.

1) The gift certificate is almost 15 years old. While there’s no expiration date – and it does say ANY home – I don’t know that she’d be thrilled to accept it and,
2) She practices in San Francisco.

Well. What to do?

I’m thinking of calling her to see if it’s still good.

For giggles? For next time I’m out there? To give to someone who lives out there?

Honestly, I don’t know. What do you think? Should I call? Know anyone in SF who would like it? (I do know someone really nice who used to work at Landor…)

And if you are the nice friend who gave this to me? I’m so sorry that I didn’t redeem it sooner. And I hope I sent you a really nice thank you note! I always knew you were there for me.


4 thoughts on “What is the statute of limitations?

  1. Oh, wow, that’s hilarious! Look at you, burying a coupon for such a lovely thing as a deep-tissue massage and then forgetting about it. (Not that I’ve ever had a professional massage, but I imagine it would be nice.) 🙂

  2. I say, call her. She may think it’s just so absurd, or cute, (or nuts), that she’ll give you the free massage 🙂 And you can stop in L.A. on your way to S.F.!

  3. Call her and explain the situation – see if you can cash in your certificate next time you’re in SF. And if that’s going to be a while, then send it to me! 🙂

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