Story Corps

I’ve told you how much I love Story Corps.

Today’s was really nice. (I didn’t cry for a change!)

If you have 2 minutes, listen!

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

March 28, 2008 Ā· Julio Diaz ends his daily subway commute one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner. One evening, his routine was broken when a teenage mugger took his wallet at knifepoint. But neither of them could have predicted what happened next.


4 thoughts on “Story Corps

  1. I had a lot of thoughts run through my head when I read this. It’s a lovely, compassionate story that fills one with hope and gratitude. But it also makes me wonder if Diaz had run into a teen with a gun with the anger to use it, well, what would have happened. It’s unfortunate but I think he was lucky. And so was the young man whose life is changed because of this encounter. So I am of two mindsets on this story. And sad that I am even of two mindsets.

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