The towel.


I’m throwing it in. The towel, that is.

Let me back up.

I’ve been online since the mid-80’s. My brother taught me how to upload and download data for my job at an ad agency. Until then? I knew nothing. (I actually despised computers.) But when one of the agency partners came in and said we’d landed a huge piece of business and all we had to do was get the capability of data transfer, the place was silent. No one knew how to do that. Surely not me. But I volunteered to learn. BY THE NEXT MORNING. So my bro stayed up all night with me and taught me how. That was nice, don’t you think?

Turns out, I had a knack for this sort of geek-dom. Who knew? (I had previously thought I was a wee-bit cool, but at this point recognized I was delusional.)

I got a PC (286 turbo) for home. No modem. Later, I got an Apple computer and 2400 baud modem. I was an account exec on the GEnie business and was online all the time. This was 1991. There were no pictures. Seriously. And you needed to know DOS. Oh and for those of you who think you pay too much to your ISP, the initial price for GEnie connection, at both 300 bits per second and the then-high-speed 1200 bits per second, was $5-$6 per hour during “non-prime-time” hours (evenings and weekends) and $36 an hour (to discourage daytime use) otherwise, later adjusted to $6 per hour and $18 per hour, respectively. There was a surcharge for the speedy 2400 modem speed. Gaming was big – text-based multiplayer gaming. It was geared to the single guy, pizza and beer crowd. But I digress.

I loved being online – and aside from the sluggish rate of data download (I could read a book while I waited!), it was really fun. I wrote a whitepaper for the agency that discussed the future of online. I did the research and all. I predicted that everyone would be online and some of the things that they’d be doing. Oh, and there would be pictures and graphic user interfaces. And no one would need to be technical anymore.

The online world today is way more than I ever dreamed. The possibilities are virtually unending. Between the consumer generated content (blogs, pages, reviews) and communication (I.M., twitter, email) and network opps (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace) there is so much to do, so much to see, so much to learn.

I’ve loved every minute of it, especially writing this blog.

But lately, it’s too much. I’m exhausted. I can’t blog and keep up on the trends and network and do my job and tend to my family. So I’m turning it off. No more blogging or email or IM. I’m pulling the plug.

If you want to reach me, I’m keeping the phone. Just the landline. Don’t bother calling my cell.


12 thoughts on “The towel.

  1. What, are you trying to KILL me?!!

    I’m rummaging for my palm pilot over here, making sure I have your HOME phone number, and trying to calculate how many times a week I’m going to have to call you to make up for how often I READ you, and I can’t even E-MAIL you anymore… You got me, boy, you got me.

    Thanks for the heart attack.

  2. dear god, woman. that’s not funny! i was seriously about to call you (me! make a phone call!) to see if you were all right.


  3. funny/not funny.
    You have such a well written, often updated blog, that I’d be very sad if it was gone forever. Your writing is great, and your perspective; a fresh look at family life familiar to mine.

    I understand the need for a break, but joke or not, alot of us appreciate your time! (just dont charge us!)

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