Thursday Thirteen.


Davis will be 13 soon.


Every week, I take him for his Hebrew tutoring and I must say (no bias here) that he is doing very well. His teacher seems very pleased.

So far, so good.

What I love about going with him is the venue. Class is held in the library at our synagogue.

I love libraries (not just because I’m in the info biz), but this is even more special. Here are 13 things I noticed at yesterday’s lesson:

1) The sun shining in through the stained glass window. The design is a vibrant collage of the Torah, a dove and an olive branch.

2) The framed torn yellow fabric with the Star of David/Jude.

3) A very cool mod clock. (think MOMA)

And, believe it or not, a lot of books. Including….

4) Beyond Belief

5) While Six Million Died

6) The Talmud Steinsaltz edition

7 ) A Peace to End All Peace

8 ) O Jerusalem – this book was on our bookshelf when I was a kid.

9) To Be A Jew – this one too!

10) The Jewish Book of Why – this one too!

11) Jews in Old China

12) Justice at Neurenberg– Conot (you can read this online)

13) IDIOT’S Guide to the Bible. (seriously?)

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