Beet Balls.

I was compelled to write about one of my favorite foods after reading Jenne’s recent brussel sprout experience. After I read her post, all I could think about was brussel sprouts. Yummy, pan-fried, and hot. OMG. I love those things.

Anyway, those brussel sprouts reminded me of pickled beets.


Yes, well probably because no one likes either. No one except me, that is.

I love, love, love pickled beets. When I was pregnant (for about 3-1/2 years!), I ate 4-5 jars of that stuff a week. I am not kidding you. I was a beet fiend. It’s a wonder I didn’t turn red.

Oddly, my kids all loved beets as babies, toddlers, and bigger kids. I used to serve them as dessert and tell them how lucky they were that I would share my precious beets with them.

And they believed me for the longest time. That is until they acquired friends who knew better.


Whatever, more beets for me.

So one day, my sister-in-law (the one who is married to that guy who wrote peach on the wall) had these McCutcheon beet balls. And she shared.

OMG. A new level of beet-dom. I loved those little baby pickled beets.

I would drive the 35 miles – all the way to Frederick – to get them. (I did sometimes get to meet a friend from Hagerstown there!) I’d buy them by the case.

It started to be too much trouble. I could get used to the Aunt Nellie’s again. They’re not little balls. And the flavor is a little off… but they’re good. I mean, I had about 63,700 of them in the 3-1/2 knocked up years (that’s 70 beets per jar/5 jars per week/42 weeks) and a whole lot more before and since. So clearly, I think they’re acceptable.

But they’re not beet balls.

I even went to a nice orchard near my in-laws home and bought their homemade beet balls. They were a bit of a let-down.

For the most recent holidays, my parents came over with a box for me and an envelope for Andrew. He got a gift certificate and I got….wait for it….a 6-pack of McCutcheon’s beet balls. I was ecstatic.

I know this has been a long story, but here’s the point…

I ate my last beet ball today. The last ball from the last jar.

I guess I’m going to Frederick.

Anyone up for a ride? There’s a Roy Rogers on the way….


8 thoughts on “Beet Balls.

  1. oooh! Beets! I love beets – roasted, boiled, canned, jarred, you name it. Beets. Golden beets, ruby beets. Buy me a jar, pleeze!

  2. I HATE them, Wendy. They refer to them as “beetroot” here, and I hate them here, too.

    My mother used to tell a story about when I was a toddler, just beginning to eat more advanced toddler-type baby food. She tried giving me beets. She was wearing a sleeveless white cotton shirt (and pedalpushers), as moms did in the 50s. Apparently, after I stopped spewing them back it her, she was never able to bleach the pink out of that blouse.

    Funny how different our “tasters” can be.


  3. although i agree that pan-fried brussel sprouts are yummy, i am not feeling you on the beets. ick. but i do understand cravings however strange they may be. if you can manage without them for a few more days, why don’t you have your milk people deliver them? it’s on the list of things they sell. how is that for conveinence? unless you want to drive to frederick on such a gloomy day of course….

  4. I’ve written before (and it’s true) that beets are the one food that trigger my gag reflex. I tried them again, fresh from the farmer’s market, a few summers ago. Just holding them in my hand gave me chills.

    Anyway, you can have mine; I’ll go eat larvae with Andrew Zimmern.

  5. How weird, I just moved from Frederick back to my home town of Los Angeles. But I don’t like beets. I hope you find some though. And stop of at Dairy Queen for me!

  6. I love them, too. AND, the fact that you wove another old favorite, Roy Rogers, into a blog about beets,… well, that’s gotta be a first! Pretty awesome!
    Julie bought me a jar of McCutcheon’s beets once as a gift (very sweet, coming from someone who can’t stand them), and I know she wasn’t traipsing around Frederick. I’ll ask her where she found them!

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