Please, tell me more.

I went to a CAbi party the other night. I usually steer clear of home parties, but I really like the woman who was hosting this and she made it seem very low key. And I had heard this clothing line was nice and moderately priced. So on a gross rainy night, I went.

I did actually buy a few pieces. And I love them.

Fast forward to the next day. I was telling Andrew about my purchases. Then I realized he looked… how should I say? Bored? So I asked him if he was tired of talking about my clothes.

Andrew’s response: “Talking about your clothes is my third favorite subject.”

Wendy: I know what your first two are.

Andrew: Not those.

Wendy: Then what?

Andrew: Your hair and your shoes.

I love this guy.


7 thoughts on “Please, tell me more.

  1. First of all, your husband is wonderful.
    Secondly, I just went to a CAbi party a few weeks ago too…how funny!!! I never go to things like this either, but it was a nice way to shop actually. I bought a few pieces too.

  2. Andrew will be enthralled when I come to visit, then. I JUST got a new cut, that looks exactly like it did before, by a hairdresser I had 10 years ago, and she wants to strip out the color….and SHOES! It’s sandal season…

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