At first I was puzzled.

What would make a business associate of mine put this on my Facebook wall?

I pondered this. Maybe she leads a secret life? Maybe she hates me. Maybe she just thinks this is funny.


I use Facebook mostly for business reasons – so somehow, this seems a little inappropriate.

I looked into it a little and found out that this is a trick. A mean, stupid, juvenille trick. When you click to see the ‘rest’ it forwards to all your Facebook contacts.

So all around the country, my clients and colleagues are asking, “Why do you think Wendy posted that inappropriate image on my Fun Wall?”

I feel like such a dolt.


5 thoughts on “At first I was puzzled.

  1. some people haven’t figured out they aren’t in high school anymore. Sounds like you need some time away at a spa… where computer idiots like that can’t bother you.

  2. That sucks; if it makes you feel better, it didn’t come to me, but your “hope it didn’t come to you” message made it through….maybe others didn’t get theirs either…

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