I am sick.

Today’s post is from a guest blogger. Ellen. This is her inaugural post… (Thanks Ellen!)


Sick. Have you ever really thought about this word? It can have different meanings:

Sick, as in health: I have a fever, I’m sick.
Sick, as in cool and unusual: That skate board move was really sick!
Sick, as in figurative: The economy is sick.
Sick, as in pining: He was sick for the sight of her.
Sick, as in unnatural: He is a sick, twisted, and dark man.
Sick, as in emotion: I am sick of your mood swings!

Well, I AM SICK!!! I am sick of having to stay home and cancel all of my clients because two of my sons are home sick with the flu. I missed 5 days of work. My husband was traveling and couldn’t really help. He would of if he could, therefore he was SICK that I had to go it alone. I am SICK and tired of cleaning up all of the snotty tissues and being a one woman cleaning crew. Following behind them with Lysol and a trash bag. I’m SICK of feeling overwhelmed about the work I’m missing and how will I catch up? On top of that, my kids are SICK of being SICK!! They want to go to school. They are tired of seeing my face and watching the same T.V. shows every day. When will it ever end?

The one thing I am NOT SICK of… being the only thing the boys want around when they are sick. I’ll never grow sick of that.


2 thoughts on “I am sick.

  1. at least you’re not sick and haven’t fallen down the stairs and wrenched your back, too 😉

    have a good time this weekend and forget all the sickness!

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