How I met your mother.

One of my favorite television shows is How I Met Your Mother. I don’t really know what day it is on. Or what channel or even what time. Andrew makes sure that every new episode ends up on the DVR and it works just fine. Truth is, I don’t know when anything is on for real except Survivor. And that’s just because it’s had that time slot for about a hundred years. But I digress.

I am at the tail end of a lovely weekend in St. Michael’s, Maryland, a beautiful old town on the eastern shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. I’m here with 3 other women. We’ve had a lot of time to talk. (and play Mahj and eat and…but more about this in another post)

One of the things I learned was how each of these women met their husbands. It was really fun and interesting to hear about this lifechanging event. About something that happened before our current lives. Before our collective 12 kids.

I’m not going to tell their stories. They are their stories. But one was a fun, spirited and extremely persistent attempt to make her dream come true. Another was a series of events that seemed a lot like beshert to me. I loved hearing about it all.

And without a doubt (well, who is ever totally without a doubt, but I really think so) we are 4 happy women. Women that are really content with our choices, our families, our lives.

And though I suppose it should not be all that rare, I think that it might be.


6 thoughts on “How I met your mother.

  1. We LOVE that show too. Such witty writing! My son bought the entire first season on tape and the 3 oldest kids had a marathon this Sat. It was 30 degrees and all our sports games had been cancelled.

    Even though almost everything Barney says is so “wrong” I love his character the most!

    Glad you had a fun girls weekend!!!

  2. I don’t know that show — I THINK it might be shown in the UK, but it’s probably on a cable channel we don’t have.

    But St. Michael’s…what a FABULOUS place! I was invited there for a long-weekend trip by Sun Oil (with others in the oil business) about 10 years ago. I’d never been in Maryland before. We have a artsy version of the photo of the lighthouse there (the one that’s a museum) in our “downstairs loo” (British for the “half bath” outside the kitchen), and people ask me about it all the time. I also have a lovely little gold bracelet made of seashell charms from there. And I also remember eating crabmeat three times/day each and every day I was in St Michael’s.

    Wish I could remember the name of the hotel where we stayed, though…


  3. He lived in Gaithersburg and I lived in Great Falls (VA side) but we met through mutual band friends at a club in Boston. (Now we’re getting divorced and he moved to DE and I moved to CA but that’s neither here nor there!) What about you!? What’s your “met” story?

  4. It was a fantastic weekend! What a treat to spend time with three fun and easygoing friends. I returned home with a similar feeling – we are all blessed with supportive husbands (who were holding down the fort just fine without us), loving children, and an overall feeling of, “Life is Good!” We are so lucky!

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