Why is this week different from all other weeks?

This is the week before Passover. If you don’t know about Passover, it’s about religious freedom and tells the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt. If you don’t know Passover, you don’t know about what matzo can do to you after 8 days. If you don’t know Passover, you don’t know the joy of a meal with four mandated glasses of wine.

The big meal to kick off the 8-day holiday is a Seder. Seder means ‘order.’ No, this does not mean we can order people to do stuff. The meal and readings and ceremonial dipping and tasting and drinking is all in a very specific order.

I love having family together. This year, it’s parts of our family. Not as many as usual. But we’re lucky that some of our friends will be joining us.

In fact, all 23 of them will be here in 140 hours and I haven’t planned the menu yet. I haven’t made the chicken soup (a necessity as far as I’m concerned) and I haven’t even bough the matzo.

More later. I’d better get moving. Time to get those recipes that a friend faxed over (thanks!) and the New York Times Passover cookbook (awesome) and all those clippings from years past.

Come to think of it, in preparation, I might even open a bottle of wine.


8 thoughts on “Why is this week different from all other weeks?

  1. Great!
    I just have one question, though…
    today is April 14, 2008,
    and it says this was written April 15, 2008.
    How can that be?
    But, other than that, I think this blog was really good and descriptive!
    I miss you, Aunt Wendy (and I wish we could have the passover seder together)!
    I love you!

  2. love your blog, I will be tuning in daily! I have always found that glazing the matzoh in butter and brown sugar and then dipping it in chocolate negates any unwanted GI side effects!
    ma nish ta nah, Lisa

  3. Despite my having lived in NYC for 7+ years, I must admit I know very little about Passover food. I’ll enjoy hearing about them, through you!

    Hope you enjoy all the preparations!


  4. Jamie – I think wordpress thinks I’m in London. Would be nice, huh? I’ll check! I wish we were going to be together soon. I miss you!

    Lisa – LOL! I like how you think. Thanks for reading and I’ll look for you online 🙂

    Mary – Wine makes most preparations better, IMHO. Yup, it’s the matzo time of year. We buy a six-pack!

    Janet – Glad you enjoy it! I’m sure I’ll be reporting more…I really do like this holiday. (Though Ezer K does not seem to. http://reflectionsofarabbiswife.wordpress.com/)

  5. Wendy, there was an article in our local paper this morning. If you haven’t heard of this book, here is the info. Seems like more and more people are eating Kosher! Who knew? Enjoy the holiday.

    Cookbook is called “Hip Kosher” by Ronnie Fein


  6. Re WordPress thinking you’re in London. I had the same issue with my blog. In the admin function, there is an option to change your blog post date stamp. If I recall correctly, we’re GMT minus 5 hours; that’s how you set the proper blog post time.

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