I love my truck.

True confessions time. I think I might have been switched at birth. Sure, I look an awful lot like my mom (and all the women in her family) and sure, I’m a lot like my dad.

But here’s the thing…

I was raised in a middle class Jewish family. In the suburbs.

And yet. Here are some reasons why it just doesn’t add up:

  • I love country music. A lot. Willie, Waylon, Kris, Johnny Cash. Emmylou Harris! Dixie Chicks. Allison Kraus. Trace Adkins. And all the rest.
  • I love a fine ’67 Camaro in primer grey. (And I used to date guys who drove them, too.)
  • I own my own tools (and I know how to use them).
  • I don’t much like to shop unless I need something.
  • I think good ink can be pretty sweet.
  • I really appreciate a good ice hockey game.
  • And I love trucks.
  • So we took my Honda minivan into the shop yesterday to get fixed. (Did I tell you I was in an accident on a dark rainy night on Route 108? I’m fine!)

    And you know what Enterprise gave me?

    A truck!

    Yay! A truck.

    So if you see my driving around the ‘burbs in a 4X4, you will notice me smiling my ass off.

    I love my truck.


    5 thoughts on “I love my truck.

    1. Did I miss the accident blog?!!

      I’m coming over, we’ll drink some dirty martini’s and play monster trucks. You start scoping out the neighbors with the smallest cars. Parked on the street, of course.

    2. I know exactly how you feel. I love trucks. I married my husband because he has two of them. Both are over 20 years old and I’ll still choose them over my nice little sedan any day.

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