So my truck story ends. We returned it just minutes ago. I can’t believe how fast Clarksville Auto Body fixed my van (curse you!). They did an amazing job and it looks way better (and I’m glad about that, I suppose) but I’m going to miss my truck.

Alas. I am no longer a hip mom driving a truck.

My name is Wendy. And I drive a minivan.


4 thoughts on “Epilogue.

  1. I don’t know if you remember but before I moved down to MD and was considering the dreaded car purchase, I actually wanted a truck. I’m glad you got the thrill, if only for a few days!

  2. i was going to write something about how hip i thought you were even though you drove a mini-van…but decided it was way too cheesy!

  3. I can understand why you’d be bummed about giving up the truck. I’ve never owned one, but I’ve driven other people’s. Maybe it’s just the power of the media/vehicle companies, but I feel STRONGER and more POWERFUL when I’m behind the wheel of a truck. Funny how that works! 🙂

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