$75.18 nail polish.

Seems a bit steep, don’t you think?

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

About 2 weeks ago, I went for a pedicure with a friend. I could not make a decision on polish color. I I am rarely indecisive and typically can make major life decisions in a flash. But what’s for dinner? What color polish? Not my strong suit.

So I couldn’t decide.

Fortunately, my friend brought her own and she had the best red polish! It was, IMHO, the perfect shade. Not too orange. Not too blue. Really. I loved this color.

She let me use it. And I wrote down the name so I could buy some for touch ups and for next time.

NARS Dovima.

Okay. Now, I needed to get myself some NARS Dovima nail color. (not polish, mind you. color)

I looked online and found that Nordstrom and Sephora carry it. I could order it online which is normally my preference, but decided to go to Nordstrom because I also wanted some eye cream.

Guess what?

My Nordstrom doesn’t carry NARS. I can go to a larger one, the woman told me. Drive an hour in traffic? I don’t think so. I’ll just walk through the mall (did I mention that all 3 boys were with me?) and go to Sephora.

As an aside, I didn’t want to go to Sephora. My friend Ellen told me a story about when a mutual friend was in the hospital and it was her 10 year old daughter’s birthday. Sephora was very (very!) unhelpful in trying to find a way to make the kid’s birthday special. So much so, that I swear Ellen is on a one-woman mission to spread the word! But I digress.

I went to Sephora. (Sorry, Ellen) But alas, they don’t carry the nail color, just the NARS makeup.

“But you have it online,” I said.
“Yes, we do. You can order it,” she said.
“Sigh,” I said. Well, actually who says sigh? I did sigh.

Time to go. I’ve had it. We walked through the mall back to Nordstrom because I parked in that garage. The boys rode all the escalators up and down (some the wrong way) all the way there.

I couldn’t blame them. It was boring. And useless. What a waste of time.

Walking through Nordstrom, a cute top on a sale rack caught my eye. I wouldn’t have been open to it, but the CAbi top I ordered is on back order (along with the blazer) and won’t be here in time for Sophie’s bat mitzvah party. So, I tried on this top.

Very cute. ($25)

Except, it was a little low cut, so it needed a tank or something. Oh look! There’s one that’s perfect. ($25)

With tax, that detour was $53.19.

Back home, I went online. I found the polish (I mean color) at Nordstrom, Sephora and Beauty.com. I choose Beauty.com. It’s $16 everywhere and after already giving the others a shot, I thought I’d spread the joy. Shipping? $5.99. Well, it could have been free if I’d spent $9 more but really, I’d spend $20 more and what kind of deal is that? It’s not as if there was anything I needed.

So there you have it. $75.18 for nail polish.

It’d better be good.


8 thoughts on “$75.18 nail polish.

  1. I’m relieved to see that NARS doesn’t actually cost that much. Well, I mean, not usually. But I have this happen to me often. I’ll go to Target for something simple (cat litter, lightbulbs) and leave after having spent 100 bucks. Cat litter shouldn’t cost that much. But it does sometimes. And for the record, O-P-I makes some really nice red shades. I like Vodka & Caviar, Rockette Red and Red, Red Rhine, to name a few.

  2. “Shipping? $5.99. Well, it could have been free if I’d spent $9 more but really, I’d spend $20 more and what kind of deal is that? It’s not as if there was anything I needed.”

    Shame they didn’t do tank-tops, huh?

    I too am glad to see that the nail colour didn’t actually cost that much!

  3. Honestly, once you find the perfect shade of red, you are saving — SAVING — yourself oodles of time and money. And this IS the perfect shade of red. It’s all perspective. In the long-term, 75 bucks is a bargain! 😉

  4. One more comment! Yes to OPI. Matador red is my other red favorite. I think you would like it too! Though I’m sure you won’t be buying more red polish anytime soon…

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