Thought for the day.

My dad’s friend Oscar sends me jokes, political commentary and all sorts of things via email. Some are serious groaners. And I admit (sorry!) that sometimes when I’m really busy, I don’t read them all.

Yesterday, he forwarded me a letter he received from his daughter. I’ve never met her, but heard a lot about her. Most of all, she is the founder and executive director of Art With a Heart, a nonprofit organization that provides interactive, hands-on art activities to disadvantaged families and children, and to people with developmental and physical challenges. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I’m reprinting with permission (thanks Randi).

So last night I had the good fortune of doing a ride along for 8 hours with a Baltimore City police officer in the Northwest district (Pimlico, Park Heights and Belvedere…for those that do not know there area…it is not so good, in fact, …there is one block on Park Heights that is considered the worst in the City…I learned this last night!!) I was nervous all day and then once I got fitted for my bullet proof vest, I felt SO much better!!!

It was just me and this policeman, he was white (very) with red hair…he has been in this district for 8 years and has a lot of repect in the community…the kids call him “Reds” (when they are not shooting at each other!)

The afternoon started with an arrest of 4 men…which was nothing compared to the the ride to get to the scene…85 mph down Reisterstown Rd…sure made Andrew’s driving look reasonable.

We got called to 2 assaults…one where the most adorable 3 year old was standing on the porch…as we approached she said, “That bitch came right up here on our porch and hit my momma in the face” TRUE STORY!!! The other assault was where a women hit a man in the face with a pipe…he had a huge knot on his face…lovely women!

Speeding to the scene of an armed suspect was pretty memorable as I watched the officer writing with both hands (pen in one and notes on the other) at 80 miles an hour…all I was doing (besides sweating) was trying figure out how far I could curl up under the dashboard. This was only to be out done by our arrival (the first of course) at a really bad car accident…After this…I was so done and we had 4 more hours!!!

Of course, there is much, much more to the experience, like him pulling the car up to a kid and questioning him right on the street…”did you stab that kid…who did?” FOR REAL!! What a world!

Frankly, I am in awe of these men and women and it is unbelievable what they do each and every day! Maybe they are all crazy…he definitely had some Rambo in him, but to me he was a hero…all of the men and women I met last night were heroes.


One thought on “Thought for the day.

  1. I had the privelege of hearing Randi from Art with a Heart speak at JCC Macabbi ArtsFest in Summer 2006 when it was in Baltimore. Did you know she used to be a really high-paid lawyer? She gave it all up to serve the community. If ounly we had more people like that in this world. She’s a great speaker too. She managed to captivate the attention of a bunch of hot and slightly confused (most of them were from out of town) teenagers for quite some time.

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