More than an handful?

Okay, I know that’s a guy thing to say/think. But tonight, I was hanging with some girlfriends and the subject came up. Here we were. Five women from the early thirties to the mid (okay mid/late but who is counting?) forties. Five women from 32AA to 36D.

We’re in different degrees of happiness/acceptance of our breast-size-lot-in-life. Some of use fondly remember larger times – before all the kids – and some have always been this way.

It was a fine, lively conversation. One that stemmed from the discussion of one of the daughters entering puberty. (YIKES!)

The challenge I was given as I walked/ran to the door…

“So what ARE those advantages of being flat-chested to which you refer?”

Stutter, stutter….

So here is my list. What is great about being flat-chested. Especially for you-know-who-you-are, you new-blog-reader-you….

1) you can lay on the beach on your stomach
2) you don’t need to buy those $50 jogging bras
3) you sag less
4) you weigh less (boobs are heavy!)
5) no danger of a black eye when running
6) you know those great sleek tank swim suits? enough said.

And to the person who inspired this post? You are beautiful – and you wouldn’t be who you are any other way!

Even if you did take my money tonight….


6 thoughts on “More than an handful?

  1. So, I’m bigger than your top ender who is ‘only’ 36D, and have never been flat-chested – well, not since I was about twelve, anyway – so all I can do is list the disadvantages of being big up top.

    1 – it gives you backache

    2 – it makes it difficult to buy pretty but supportive bras

    3 – lying on your front is very uncomfortable

    4 – now that manufacturers don’t bother making blouses with bust darts, it’s nigh on impossible to get one that fits properly

    5 – you can’t wear anything with frills or ruffles or fancy stuff on your top half without frightening people

    6 – stretch marks

    7 – the monthly breast check is much, much harder. Looking for lumps in a small bust must be like counting ribs on a greyhound.

    But actually I love my shapely bust and wouldn’t change it.

  2. Well, the boob fairy did come for all those years ago. She was kind and fair. I was happy. But then, she revisited me after I had kids and took her gift away!! Unfortunately she left those 2 little pesky nymphs… You know … Droopy and Saggy. That boob fairy is a bitch!

  3. These bodacious breasts,
    they sits on my chest
    passively causing commotion

    some girls, they feel jealous,
    some men, overzealous,
    but really, they’re just more skin to lotion

    always i did covet
    those wee pretty titties,
    bra-less girls seem so carefree

    but pendulous or perky,
    perfect or quirky,
    each breast is a thing of beauty

    Thank you, boob fairy 🙂

  4. I used to be so flat chested that it didn’t make a diffrence if I put my bra on backwards…but since having a child, I run the risk of giving myself a black eye if I attempt to jog without one on!

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