mothersday2008 – the event.

You will NEVER guess what my guys did for me today!

No, they didn’t get me a Ferrari. I didn’t even get a ride in one. In fact, I never left the house.

Well, that’s not true, now that I think of it. I did go to work out with Cyrus this morning. Way too damn early, I might add.

But seriously, my day.

80 percent of it sucked. I worked. I sat at this computer, and though I happen to like the computer itself, it was pretty depressing to be working all day on Mothers’ Day. I have a huge deadline this week and if I don’t keep pushing on, it will not get done.

But I did not sit down here at the trusty computer after working so much of the day to complain. I sat down to tell you about the 20 percent that rocked.

Andrew starting the ragu by 8:00 am. The house smelled amazing by 10:00. Seriously. Amazing.

The boys went to religious school early – while I was at the gym – and though they weren’t all that thrilled, it was peaceful for the entire morning. Nice to have peace and quiet to think about food, right?

The aroma of the cake baking was a little distracting, but I’m tough. I plugged away on my statistical report.

I got a hug from each kid every hour on the hour once they got home. Just the breaks I needed. At 6:00, Andrew opened the wine. He served it with the prosciutto wrapped asparagus, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I know what is next. The main event. The dinner. I know we’re having artichokes because I saw Andrew cleaning them. My favorite!

And I smell garlic bread in the oven. I’m getting weak.

The boys set the table with a cloth and everything.

Did I mention the arugula salad with the shaved parmesan reggiano, fleur de sel? OMG. The kids gave me Godiva chocolates. Cyrus says thank you. No seriously, I love that stuff.

And Andrew and the boys gave me a nice gift card for Nordstrom. I’m thinking Trish McEvoy.

And now? I’m looking forward to a night of cuddling after dinner.

I love my life.


5 thoughts on “mothersday2008 – the event.

  1. “I love my life.”

    That has to be the best sentence EVER. I love when people say that. So many of us focus on what we want to change rather than on what we already have.

    Even though you had to work all day, I’m glad you had such a nice time (and dinner!). I feel even more special that you took time out of your busy day to respond to my email. 🙂

  2. Have you actually tried Trish McEvoy? If you have – or are going to – let us know how it is. I love learning about new products! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

  3. Amy – I use the McEvoy concealer and LOVE it!

    Leann – yup. some great guys around here. I hope your day was nice!

    Zandria – thanks. I’m very lucky. And I always have time to respond to your emails 🙂

  4. Hi, and thanks for the comment on my blog. It’s nice to read your entry and know that there are reasons to love our lives, even in this fast-paced world where it seems so much is lopsided.

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