thirteen things that smell amazing. (note a smelly theme this week?)
1. the lilacs outside my back door. huge and wonderful and so fragrant!
2. babies’ heads
3. my sheets (you saw that coming, didn’t you?)
4. fresh chocolate chip cookies
5. bread in the oven
6. almost everything Andrew cooks. tonight? turkey meatballs.
7. Heliotrope by Fresh. now discontinued 😦
8. the air before a storm
9. chocolate
10. freesia
11. the swimming pool the first day of pool season
12. a perfect orange
13. steaks on the grill


5 thoughts on “

  1. And Shocking, by Schiaparelli – which I thought was also discontinued, but seems to be available now on the internet! Yay!

  2. Fair is fair.
    Heliotrope by Fresh is discontinued.
    #7 is disqualified and will be replaced with…

    Wait for it…

    The new #7 will now be…


    Gym stinks to high hell
    Smells like sweaty two-ton man
    Holy shit, it’s me

  3. Wait, wait, wait, I uh, I meant Wendy.
    Wendy smells like sweaty two-ton man.
    Not me, I, I uh, eh, well…
    I uh, I smell like Andrews turkey meatballs.

  4. Jay – I’m glad you found your scent!

    Mutant (Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell!!) – you always say the nicest things. Do you really smell like meatballs though? Not sure I”d brag about that – even if they are damn good meatballs.

    Cruisin’ – Babies. Hands down. I’ll never get that smell out of my head – and it’s been 9-1/2 years since I’ve had a baby around! Sigh…. Can’t wait for those grandkids! Okay, I can wait – high school, college, jobs….

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