Cocktail parties…

Do you know the name of the Michelin Man?


Seriously. Rolls off the tongue, no?

Andrew and I are both in the research business. We read all day long for our clients. And we love useless information.

So we know a lot of stuff. So we can talk about a lot of different things.

Making us entertaining (or at least not totally boring) at cocktail parties.

And fortunately for us, we’re going to one! A party!

I know, it seems really lame to be so excited, but we’ve been seriously not going out except for family things lately. Not that I don’t love cuddling up with the hub to see CSI, but it will be pretty great to socialize tonight.


5 thoughts on “Cocktail parties…

  1. so sad about Warrick. I cried. We’ve been watching since season 1. almost every episode. I felt bad. isn’t that weird? mr. ek was like, honey these are not real people 🙂

    have fun tonight!

  2. maybe you’ll find yourself in the “cash cab” one day, and all that trivia will come to good use. But I have no doubt you’re a blast to be with at a party.

  3. Believe it or not, I actually knew about Bibendum….because there’s an excellent restaurant by the same name in London. They use the “Michelin Man” motif all over the place.

    (BTW, we’re getting the final CSI tonight over here…and after reading one of your comments above, I think I’d better be prepared….)

    “John, let’s have a box of tissues ready tonight when we snuggle up to watch CSI, ok?”


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