This is republished from May 19, 2006. (This day in history!)

I learned a lesson from Reed today.

He had been having trouble hitting the ball. He was worried he wouldn’t hit it hard enough. Or that he’d swing and miss. Or foul out. He was stressed.

Tonight’s game was not convenient for me. I was very busy. I had deadlines and conference calls. Not to mention a friend of a friend who was depending on me for something that it’s hard to imagine how I got involved with in the first place. But I wanted to get out. Get away from the computer. Make that I needed to get away from the computer.

So we picked up a gourmet Subway dinner and went to the game.

Reed had an awesome hit in the second inning. I mean awesome. The kind where all the other dads come to congratulate the kid’s parents. You know what I mean.

So after the game, Reed told me how he did it. He played his favorite music in his head and relaxed. Then came the pitch. And wham. Just like that. You should try it, Mom.

I think I will.


One thought on “Baseball.

  1. Aw …!

    It’s amazing what we can learn from kids, if we listen. And sometimes taking time that we really can’t afford to take is just necessary, and turns out to be far more valuable than we ever imagined.

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