The ride.

I geared up for the big ride today – I had a 5 mile route planned. But Reed wanted to come along and that was great….but it changed the ride.

No matter. I was ready.

We raced off up the path and across Trotter Road. Back into the path system, we were making wind. But all of a sudden, the discomfort grew into realization.

The last person who rode my bike was 6 feet tall.

And you ladies know what that means.

That was one uncomfortable seat.

But alas, we were getting far from home – almost half way on our planned excursion. So we kept going. And then we took a break at the Bagel Bin.

Even the extra-super-dooper-large Diet Pepsi didn’t make me forget my pain.

We rode home – me humming in my head to distract myself. Yikes. It got me back to thinking about when I rode a bike exclusively. Back in college, I didn’t drive a car, but a bike instead. I rode all around Richmond – miles and miles a day.

I loved my bike.

Oh, I didn’t drive a car because I didn’t have a license.

Why, you ask? Well. I didn’t have my license because I gave it back to the DMV after the accident. The second accident, that is. (Though I still say the first one wasn’t my fault. Right, Laurie?)

But the second accident was bad. Really bad. I was still 16 years old. And, I was on my parents’ insurance. Well, that my friend, was quickly becoming a non-reality.

So I gave it back. The liccense. And if you don’t believe me, I’ll bet there is a judge still laughing about since he said, “Wow, that’s worse than I could have done to you.”

And then my mind came back to the ride at hand as we prepared to cross back over Trotter. Suddenly we were home and I was off that bike so fast….

So I still want to ride. But I’m taking out my tool-kit tomorrow and I’m going to lower that seat!


3 thoughts on “The ride.

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re not suffering too much today. I know how those aches and pains magnify themselves after a rest.

    You and the car reminds me of my second son! He managed to get through seven – yep, SEVEN – cars within a few years, luckily without major injury to anyone. But actually, now, he’s a pretty good driver.

  2. Right you are! Yep, those brown UPS trucks sure can make a little old Volvo (I mean, a brand spankin’ new Volvo) seem very vulnerable. I don’t remember the second accident, though, nor do I remember that you turned in your license. Now that I think about it, though, I don’t think I was ever in a car you were driving… (Was that a good thing?)

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