Reading material.

You have stuff to read in the bathroom. I know you do. Don’t deny it.

I did a survey of our ‘reading material’ and here goes:

In the ‘powder room’ on the main floor:

In the ‘adult’ bathroom:

  • Miriam’s Kitchen (Hey Mom, is this yours? I can return it. If you don’t mind it’s been in the bathroom, that is.)
  • Concourse A mystery I can’t seem to finish.
  • Atlantic Magazine, June 2008
  • Passionate Sex (I can’t find the link. Must not have been a best-seller! It was sent to us by a client when we did research for him regarding a new product. Seriously. I could not make this up. But I also should add that I haven’t read it. And yet, it sits there. Hmmm.)

Now, what do you have in yours? Inquiring minds want to know!


7 thoughts on “Reading material.

  1. Ooops I was so busy teasing you that I forgot to say we only have ‘junkfood for the brain’ type of magazines in our bathroom. I refuse to name them due to fear of lawsuits…

  2. Dare I? Okay…Myslexia, a new ESPN (still don’t know why I was sent this), a few catalogs, and some back issues of the New York Times magazine. Yikes – didn’t think I’d be sharing this bit of info with the world. You probably already knew since you were in my loo recently!

  3. What a fun question! I never knew I wanted to know the answer until I saw the question but now I have a burning hot desire to know what is in people’s bathrooms. lol

    Ours is pretty run of the mill, really.

    In the powder room downstairs:

    Latest issue of Scholastic’s Parent and Child that came in one of the kids’ backpacks,

    National Geographic- the issue on Stonehenge

    Baltimore magazine- Best Restaurants issue.

    Kid’s bathroom upstairs-
    whatever they take in with them, they take out.

    Our bathroom upstairs- A cookbook.

    What does this tell me?
    I need a Bathroom Reader or something!


  4. Time magazine, Glamour magazine, and as of the last two days, a book called “Delta Force.” It’s one Brian’s had since he was a kid, and always seems to come out of the bookshelves when he’s home.

    I just found a spanish book, and was thinking I should throw that in there also; brush up on a second language.

  5. We only have magazines in the bathrooms around here.

    They include: Dwell, Domino, Vanity Fair, Men’s Vogue, Architectural Digest, and Black Enterprise. The only magazine we pay for is Dwell, the others are sent to us free, I traded in some airline miles for them.

    Fun post!

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