Some of you might know that the first time we saw our current home was at the walk-through. It’s a very long story, but suffice it to say that a friend of ours came and looked with our agent and said she could live here so we bought it. We saw a few email pix and signed the contract.

And it was perfect for us. We had a 4 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old. Seriously, who cared about details? The kitchen – the GREEN kitchen (with white ceramic tile floor which we replaced fairly early on to wood) – was practical and usable.

But not my taste.

So 2 years ago, we renovated. And I just love it.

I was flipping through my photos since I am trying to learn how this Mac works and trying to organize my photos (maybe I should tag them???) and found these 2 pictures. I was stunned by how similar the angle and thought I’d put them up.

If nothing else, you can see my taste in decor!


7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes.

  1. I often find that pictures I’ve taken of rooms inside my house have very similar angles because that’s the best vantage point to use. It’s particularly true of rooms like this one with two entrances in corners opposite each other on the same wall, I think – my dining room is the same.

    Personally, I like both decors. True, the green is a little strong, but I like it. The new one is stunning though, and I love the light feel you’ve brought to the room!

  2. It’s beautiful…and I’d be delighted to live there myself! Obviously we have similar taste!

    By the way, I try to always remember to frequently take photos of “everyday things” — like rooms, the back garden, etc., etc. Aren’t they fun to look back on, as time passes?


  3. Wow, love your kitchen. Nice design. Makes me want out of this tiny apartment and to have a home so badly. It’s hard to really “live” in a system of boxes with neighbors on every side of you. Every time I go to someone’s home, and they grill out on the back deck or something, I hunger for a place to call my own. Beautiful place though.

  4. love it…how do you like your wood floors? We’re thinking of switching to wood. Your chairs are fantastic Wendy…you can always take up a career in kitchen design if you get bored with the current career!

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