I came home today to a notice on my door.

Took it off and it left tons of yuck and sticky on the window. Arghhh.

From the FBI – US office of Personnel Management.

It is necessary that I speak with you regarding an individual who is being considered for a position of trust with the U.S. Government. Your comment regarding this individual’s fitness and suitabilty would be greatly appreciated.

What do they think? I work out with this person? Who are they talking about? Yikes. This is so darn creepy.

I guess I’ll call them tomorrow, as requested.

Otherwise, they might start investigating me.



13 thoughts on “FBI

  1. What, they couldn’t mail it to you? They had to stick it on the door? Tell them you’ll be more than glad to answer their questions… just as soon as they come over and clean your door off with Goo-B-Gone.

  2. A former teenage-handyman of mine is now an FBI agent, and I spoke to the FBI during his interviewing process. They actually came right to my workplace, so as not to make me leave work. I remember saying “oh, he’s a great kid!” and watching the guy write down “great kid” on his little pad of paper.

  3. They left it stuck to your door? Seems bogus to me! Why wouldn’t they put it in your mail box or even phone you? Tell them to grow up and clean your door beofre you’ll answer their questions!

  4. You all crack me up.

    Follow up: I called her back and she came over the next day. Just wanted to ask a bunch of questions about a neighbor who has a high security clearance with a Department of Defense job…evidently they need to renew the clearance every 5 years.

    Who knew?

  5. Oh & it was fine. The agent didn’t think my suggestion of different adhesive for the notes they leave behind was so terrific, though.

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