Last day of school.

Summer is here at our house. Today is the last day of school.

I’m ambivalent.

I love the freedom of no schedules and sleeping late. Sure there are a few weeks with camp, but in general? Pretty laid back for us.

Dinners at the pool. Hikes on the cooler afternoons. Picnics.

I can barely wait.


2 thoughts on “Last day of school.

  1. Oooh baby, I am all over it!!

    Half day today and then we’re done!

    The next couple of days feel busy though. Chris has his final Playoff Championship game tonight so they’ll either take the title..or not! Then Saturday we host his baseball team for a pool party here at our house. Sunday is Father’s Day. We’ll do breakfast in bed for Rob and then send him on his way with his brothers while I host the two SILs and all the cousins at the pool.

    I’m looking forward to next week and lazing around, just BEing.


    Enjoy, Wendy!


  2. Hope that that lemonade has vodka in it! Honestly, congrats to the kids for getting through another year and to Reed for graduating elementary school!

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