Escape from Cubicle Nation

If you know me on Twitter, you know that somehow, Pam Slim’s fab site, Escape from Cubicle Nation and my account are cosmically aligned.

No seriously, my Twitter picks up every new blog post she makes – all by itself. It’s wacky. We’ve tried to figure it out. (Hey, nice way to ‘meet’ someone new!) It’s awfully strange, but the good news is that I’ve become a regular reader of her site and she has some great information for entrepreneurs and really, anyone who works independently (or not!).

So yeterday, she put up this: Media request: woman 40 + who wants to make big career change and needs help which also means that I tweeted it (not intentionally!) but I was thinking of a few people I know who read my blog who might be into this.

“We are looking for a woman over 40 who is making a major career change and needs some help from our new advice column. Examples could be giving up her career on Wall Street to start a jewelry business or go from schoolteacher to karate instructor. Whatever the case, she is a woman who is in the process of giving her career a makeover-but she is unsure of the next step.”

Deadline is TODAY June 14 – so if you’re up for it, check the link and respond!


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