Reluctantly. Yeah, no. Not reluctantly.

Tonight, we went to a graduation party. My old friend’s daughter graduated from college.

I know!

Hard to believe. She is an amazing kid. How did she get this grown up?

Anyway. While there, I had the great surprise of seeing my friend, Tom. And lots of other friends too, so Mitchell, I do not want to hear you pouting that I didn’t mention you by name. Not you either, HH or the rest of you.

I really want to tell you about Tom. And not just because of his boyish good looks and charm. Also because I am seriously loving his new blog, The Reluctant Bachelor. He has great stories to tell and he’s a great writer. So if you get a second, check it out.


One thought on “Reluctantly. Yeah, no. Not reluctantly.

  1. I’m already hooked on the “bachelor’s” blog, after seeing your link a few weeks ago. He is a very skilled writer, and I can identify (from the female side of a split couple…many years ago) with so many of the situations he writes about. Interesting guy.

    Thanks for the introduction!

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