What’s a mom to do?

One of the most important jobs of being a parent, I believe, is to be supportive. To allow your child to have his hopes and dreams. And to help him find a path to achieve these dreams.

I think most of you will agree.

Surely, I was encouraged by my parents to work hard and to be whatever I wanted. When I showed an interest in art, they gave me art lessons. When I wanted to dance, they gave me dance lessons.

Truth be told, that dance teacher did tell my parents to use their money in a more productive way after year one. It was harsh. Crushed me. But she was right. It’s not one of my strengths. Grace, that is.

But I digress.

I want to be an encouraging mom. I want to help my sons grow into wonderfully productive men who live full and happy lives. And I want them to reach their goals.


I was reading the elementary school yearbook when I saw that one of my charming boys was quoted as saying, “In the year 2028, I hope to be a dictator of Khazakstan.”

So what’s a mom to do?

Order this?


9 thoughts on “What’s a mom to do?

  1. just make sure he doesn’t grow a little black mustache.
    (by the way, “He hasn’t seen Borat”, I didn’t allow my kids to watch Southpark …my oldest was only 10 when it first aired. I found out years later; now he’s 21; that he was watching it at his friend’s house…OY!)

  2. Hey, at least he used his imagination! He didn’t phone it in with “I plan to be a CPA living in the burbs with 2.5 kids.”

    My son once blew off an entire career fair day in middle school by signing up to hear Ministry and Modeling! When ask why he didn’t sign up for what we have previously decided on he said, “hey, I was trying to broaden my horizons with something outside the box.”

    Never a dull moment with boys!

  3. far more original than mine who said, ” I want to live in the future”… What the heck does that mean? I’d buy into it if he said “I want to create a time machine and be living in the future”. Isn’t 2028 already the future???

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