I used to love creamsicles. I went to Camp Milldale day camp when I was little and every afternoon in the scorching heat we got a creamsicle or a fudgesicle or something. I love a good fudgesicle, but those creamsicles are memorable. Very, very memorable. I’d know that flavor and consistency anywhere.

I remember a lot of other things about Milldale including the huge hill on the way to the pool and a girl my age named Gertrude. I’d never met anyone my age (or younger) named Gertrude before or since. If I recall correctly, she was very quiet and very nice.

But I digress.

What inspired me so very early this morning (I’m on my way to Amtrak to catch a train north for a meeting) was my daily Hungry Girl email.

Now I love Hungry Girl. Make no mistake.

But today she posted a drink recipe and wrote:

“This low-calorie cocktail tastes EXACTLY like those sherbet ‘n ice cream bars you used to eat as a kid… Mmmmmmmm!”

Now you tell me, if you put diet orange soda, orange-flavored vodka, Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, and Cool Whip Free in a blender, will it taste exactly like sitting on the hill at Camp Milldale?

I think not. In fact, the Splenda alone is enough to….. well anyway. It might taste wonderful. It might be refreshing.

But it can’t taste like my memories of a sweet, creamy, orangy frozen treat.


11 thoughts on “Creamsicles.

  1. Wendy, wasn’t there something called a “Dreamsicle” also? (I should Google it.)

    I hear kids over here talking about “Ice Lollies”. I think they must be the same sort of thing.


  2. Janet – I never heard of Ice Lollies! Sounds like a popsicle!

    Steak – best idea yet!

    Millie – Thanks for stopping by – aren’t taste memories fun?

  3. I went to Camp Milldale too! For years!! I remember the snacks so vividly! Fudgsicle or Creamsicle days were the best – popsicle days not as great. Fudgsicles never ever tasted as good as they did there. And I remember that gigantic hill. I always wonder if I went back if the hill would just be a little incline – maybe it was just my perception as a little girl that it was so big….

  4. right now in my freezer is Dreyer’s light vanilla icecream swirled with orange sherbet…yummy…definitely brings back that childhood memory you’re talking about.

  5. OMG! Fudgesicles! I was talking about these delectable delights just the other day. They don’t sell them in England 😦 Big exciting news over on my blog on Sunday, please come visit!

  6. I remember the first time I had an Orange Julius. I flashed back to Camp Milldale and creamsicles; an Orange Julius is nothing more than a melted creamsicle, I’m pretty sure.

  7. I’m pretty sure they gave us all those cream/fudge/popsicles just to get the sticks for arts and crafts.It was FORBIDDEN to wind two together with a rubberband, and sharpen the end of one to make a “switchblade” :).

    1. I think you’re right about the sticks for crafts. And I’m a little scared you know that it was against the rules to wind the sticks together and sharpen the ends.

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