I thought he loved me.

Last night, for the boys’ last dinner at home, Andrew took requests. (I may have mentioned he’s an amazing cook?)

They wanted: bbq ribs, cowboy beans, mashed potatoes w/gravy and broccoli. Seriously, they asked for broccoli. (Where have I gone wrong?)

Andrew cooked much of the day. I took the boys to the pool. We stayed out of his way so he could use his creative energy to make us a most amazing meal.

When we walked in the door, the smell hit me in the face.

I was shocked.




I smelled mustard.

I know I’m in the minority by a long shot, but I absolutely ABHOR mustard. (We’ve had a deal around here for years that no one can say HATE so we have lots of good synonyms.)

So I despise mustard.

How long has Andrew known me? EIGHTEEN FRICKING YEARS?

And yet, he put mustard in the cowboy beans.

I’m speechless.


7 thoughts on “I thought he loved me.

  1. right there with you, sista’! I detest mustard. As my husband’s grandmother used to say, “Must it be mustard?” Apparently she didn’t like it either!

  2. ok, maybe it is just the stress of the kids leaving, but it sounds to me like you think mustard is grounds for divorce. ‘honestly, your honor, must i be subjected to this insensitive use of a condiment that was clearly stated in our major contract to be a deal breaker!’

    ah, cut him some slack, he was sad about the boys leaving too.

    unless of course this was passive/aggressive behavior…

  3. I’m amazed by your powers of smell. How on earth did you smell mustard through all of those other aromas? Especially as I imagine it was not the only ingredient in the beans. Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?

    I hope your first night without the boys is bearable.

  4. Elizabeth – bite your tongue.
    Amy – it was an honest mistake. I’m over it. I was just shocked.
    Ellen – I always agree with you!
    Mom – maybe!

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