Riddle for a Tuesday night.

What seems like it will really help but in reality is one of the sources of the problem?

Yes, you guessed it! Chocolate!

Just home from shopping for a dress/suit/something special for my son’s bar mitzvah. Nothing fit. Nothing looked good. Nothing was right. Ugh, if only I was a size smaller. A little trimmer. A little taller. A little bustier. A little less neurotic.

No problem. When I got home, I ate some chocolate.


I guess the good news is, I don’t have to worry about being in between sizes anymore.


5 thoughts on “Riddle for a Tuesday night.

  1. We are so alike! I went home after shopping a finished off a pint of ice cream!! Some things just go better with sweets!

  2. I hear you! Oh, how I hear you! I came back from holiday half a stone heavier (seven pounds, for the non-Brits) and my solution was to comfort myself with chocolate. Now, that’s really clever, huh? Now I’m ten pounds heavier…

    I’m switching to 70%. I can’t eat too much of that.

  3. I hate shopping. If I could pay someone to do it for me i would, If i could get some tall thin person to wear it for it would be even better, better yet, can i wear my pjs to the service of my sons bar mitzvah? i will put on a nice t shirt…..and while i am at it can i wear my crocs? ok ok ok i get it, i will go out for the millionth time and try to find something fun… ugh. Can’t I just wear what I wore the last time around?

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