My husband is hot.

How I love a good double entendre.

First of all, my husband posed for this. (Not for the timid or for those who have trouble wiping images out of their minds. Definitely not for clients. And definitely not for nuns.)

It’s not just because he likes motorcycles. And cats. It’s because he’s part of a fundraising effort with his riding gang, Semites on Bikes to raise a bunch of money to build a new cat shelter.

But that isn’t really the hot that is on my mind these days. When I call Andrew hot, I mean he’s steaming hot. So hot that I can barely sit near him, let alone let him cuddle up close. I’m telling you, he’s burning up.

But he doesn’t have a temperature.

And this has been going on for weeks.

When it’s time for bed, I turn the fan on high. No relief.

I hear about couples not agreeing on the thermostat all the time. But this is ridiculous. I’m thinking of getting my own bed.

Maybe even my own house.

And maybe you want to buy a calendar? If so, email Ken. They’re $20 plus shipping.


12 thoughts on “My husband is hot.

  1. You know how men say “If I could do _____ for you, I would?” (think …labor, stay home when the kids are throwing up, etc.) Well, How did you get Andrew to experience menopause for you? It’s great! No uncomfortable hot flashes for you, no crazy mood swings. He must really love you to bite that bullet!

  2. ROFL! Funny comment, Ellen!

    Maybe he is the SECOND man to get pregnant on the planet!

    BTW, I agree with you…that is a hot picture. Is that really your backyard, btw? Do you back up to a school or something?


  3. Ah. Ellen. If you only knew. You will someday; trust me.

    On another note, Ex was always hot. I was always cold. Well, we know how that story ended.

  4. On a serious note, has he had his thyroid checked? I am always hot (as in my skin is hot to the touch) because of my thyroid problems. It is worth checking out the next time he goes to the doctor, especially if he also having other symptoms, like trouble sleeping, depression or weight gain. It’s very common and very easily treated.

  5. Trust me – he’s not doing menopause for me. must be some other explanation!

    That’s my brother’s backyard in Maine! Photoshop is great, huh?

    That’s our cat, Joe. We also have Ashe and Ginger. They didn’t make the photoshoot….

    And thanks for the medical stuff – we’ll check into it. Meantime, I need a stronger fan!

  6. wait, is there no one out there worried about the cat in this picture?

    they must be close, right?

    great shot. sorry for the firestarter in the bed next to you. maybe you could put that heat to use…

  7. Wow, one hot husband! I love the calendar shot!

    In this house it’s me that’s roasting hot to the touch. I’m sure it’s usually that way round! LOL!

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