One-Hit Wonders

I admit it, I’m a goober. I can poke fun at myself way before anyone else. Nothing proves this more than my taste in music. I like One-Hit Wonders! (O.K., start laughing now) My i-pod is chock full of them. (see, I told you I’m a goober) So, I wasn’t surprised to see that on the top 100 One-hit Wonders list, I had, roughly, HALF! What’s worse, I OWNED many of these on cassette tape or disc! Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia, maybe I never developed a good ear for good music. Who knows?! But I will tell you, I get a smile on my face every time I hear one of these songs!


7 thoughts on “One-Hit Wonders

  1. Oh, but I love a lot of those, too! What’s more I have the Best of the Monkees album. It’s fun music, is what it is!

    I have other stuff too, just so you know. LOL!

  2. I love all the ones from when we were kids: “Run Joey Run, ” “Billy Don’t Be a Hero,” “The Night Chicago Died,” all that drek. Great, great bad records.

  3. Kristin- I’m blogging for Wendy while she is in sunny Miami.

    This could be a great drinking game…pull a card from a decade, either name the song or the singer. If you can’t do one, you must drink. Do you think Milton Bradley would market it?

  4. Ellen – you are NOT a goober – but I admit your musical tastes are questionable. (Can anyone say Rick Springfield??) Thanks for posting for me!

    Miami is the bomb! The nightlife, the food, the mojitos. (We even went to JaiLai!)

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