I’ve Got Crabs

Yes, it’s true, I’ve got crabs.  I get them every year at this time.  I itch for them.  No, not those kinds of crabs. The kind you get at great dives with saw dust and peanut shells on the floor.  Every summer when our kids go off to camp for 2 weeks my husband and I buy crabs.   We can only afford to do this once during the year, so it has to be when our kids are away.  After all, with the shortage of crabs and their ever increasing cost, we couldn’t afford to get a sitter AND pay for crabs. So here we are on the deck, picking through the crabs, enjoying every minute of it.  I admit, it was a little hard to get past the crazy price per dozen, but after the first crab, I forgot all about it.  I remember growing up and going out as a family for crabs.  We could do it at least 3 times a summer.  I feel bad that my kids won’t be able to have that memory of growing up in Maryland.  I feel worse for the environment and the decreasing jobs for fishermen.  Makes eating crabs feel dirty.  Kind of like the other kind of crabs.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Crabs

  1. I just can’t stop thinking about the lucky fact that you and your “naked model on a motorcycle with nothing but a pussy protecting him” husband are all alone in your house.

  2. Mmmmm, crabs! We haven’t had them yet this year either. We usually head out to O’Brycki’s once a year. Hopefully we’ll get to go soon!

    Rob turned forty today so I made a great big dinner for him tonight… he had filet mignon, crab cakes, smashed new potatoes, asparagus and a yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing. YUM!!

    Enjoy! How are the boys? Are you getting mail from them?


  3. ellen

    thanks for another great post. food here in miami does not include crabs but other great options but fortunately we have not gotten those other probs – he hee

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